Teaching Experience

I have taught three courses in my time at New York Universty: Introduction to Language; Language and Change; and Language and Mind.
I have also taught Shupamem, my native language at St John University in 2007 to prepare 8 students for their field trip in Cameroon.
I have also been working on a language design program to provide ideas on how to teach French as a second language to non- native speakers as part of my experimental research in 2 seminars that granted me 2 (two) certificates in Reflective Teaching.
I have consistently received high evaluations from my supervisors and students, whose feedback demonstrates that I make classes interesting and relevant, while at the same time challenging.
My main teaching interests are in Linguistics (syntax and morphology), but my teaching experience in a diverse set of classes has also fostered an interest in broader introductory courses such as Introduction to Linguistics and Introduction to Linguistics-Anthropology, Code-Switching, the Grammar of written and Spoken French.
I am also very interested in teaching courses such as Field Methods, Language Typology, and specific seminars on issues relating to syntax, morphology, and Bantu languages.

Fall 2011: Teaching assistant for Language Change, NYU Linguistics Department. Professor John Costello.

Spring 2009: Language, Professor Anna Szabolcsi.

Fall 2006: Communication: Men, minds, and machines, Professor Ray Dougherty.


2010: Linguistic Consultant at the Second Annual Youth Pre-Conference at the United Nations, New York, June - August.

2009: Linguistic Consultant at the Office of Humanitarian Assistance, United Nations, New York, June - August.

2007: Linguistic Consultant at the Bamum Kingdom Archive Project.